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Lomi Lomi

Definition —
Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian Masseur, Masseuse
Lomi – To rub, press, squeeze, massage –
to work in and out as the claws of a contented cat.

Metaphorical meaning —
To return to the source, to remember one’s true nature and purpose for being, to act upon as the spirit of god acts upon the heart.

What is Sacred Temple Lomi?

The purpose of sacred temple lomi is to bring alignment back to the individual’s body, mind and spirit. This art of healing touch addresses the whole person metally, spiritualy, emotionally and phisically. The techniques focus on finding congested areas in the body and dissolving them gently, transforming old energies by clearing the body’s channels through the use of moving palms, thumbs, knuckles, forarms and elbows across the body in circles and continuous infinity motions from head to toe leaving you feeling whole and refreshed.


Through the art of healing touch, my mission is to share ancient healing techniques to serious healing practitioners to benefit themselves and their practices. Click here to learn more about the power of healing touch.

Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

with this Healing Blessing!


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