Aloha my name is Shane Johnson, I moved to Kauai a few years ago with my family and have been blessed with everything this island has had to offer!

I lived on the big island for most of the last 20 years… which is where I learned Lomi Massage from some native Polynesian elders. I have been practicing Lomi for 18 years.

I have studied the healing arts and native science my whole life. I went to the Big Island Acadamy of Massage. I also attended White River School Of Massage/Blue Cliff College. I have learned many different healing modalities and techniques throughout the years. Different families and schools have unique versions of Lomi. I also have studied various healing arts such as tai-chi, chi kung, white crane, and various Taoist techniques. I also practice and share native American spirituality with native Polynesian elders and is how I came about my knowledge of the ancient art of temple Lomi.

I am currently state and nationally certified and accredited

License# 12162 | NCTMB# 541311-07